app distribution channelsNot long ago, we published a post containing 5 app distribution channels to help get your app in front of the right people and thought we’d continue along that line of thought, and provide another 5 ideas to keep those creative juices flowing!

Pre-Loaded on a Device

This means that your app would come pre-loaded on a particular device. Obviously, this going to cost you a hefty amount of money but it’s also a very effective way to market and distribute your product. Most people only carry (or use) around 10 apps on their phone and yours would be one of them. Your pre-loaded application could even be a demo version, which can convert around 25%. Now that’s a conversation rate!

Ad Networks

Ad networks can be very effective in driving traffic to your app website or simply making people aware of your great application. Like most things however, it does have a downside in that you can’t always keep track of referrals, which make it difficult to know which ad is doing best.


Ever hear of a company called Tapjoy? This company is a promotion engine that rewards it’s users with virtual products in one application for installing and using another application. According to Tapjoy, they reach around 75-80 million mobile devices, which results in millions of installations each month. You can see how this could benefit your app right?

Another company in this type of space is called GetJar, which offers developers a chance to bid for catalogue placement for each download in the GetJar store. Developers can create their own max daily budget, run and manage multiple campaigns, and even create their own messaging and geo-targeted campaign. Think of it like Google Adwords for Apps.


Giveaways have always had a place in marketing and distribution channels. Developers can offer a certain amount of free downloads for a certain period of time to encourage hot response. GetJar, the company mentioned above, is even doing this through GetJar+, by paying developers for their apps and then giving them away for free to users. They make their money back with advertisements.

Television Ads

Okay, you think were crazy for saying this and we understand, TV sounds expensive. While TV advertising can be a drain on the wallet, it doesn’t always have to be. Consider looking at local programming during cheaper hours. The only caveat here is that your advertisement must be good and make it clear that potential users won’t be billed anything except for their text message fee. This way, users can text to your number on the screen and receive a free download of the link. This also can give you good coverage and exposure to other carriers and people.


We hope you enjoyed our 10 ideas for app distribution channels. Don’t forget to build an app website for your product so it can be properly showcased. Also, if you have any ideas yourself for app distribution channels, post them in the comments below.

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