How to Increase Your Mobile App Sales With A/B Testing

Marketing your app in the right way is one of the most important things you will do to gain customers and be successful. But how does one know if they are marketing an app well enough?

A/B Split testing.
a/b split testA/B split testing basically means to run two different “things” simultaneously to your audience and see which method does better. You may have visitors visiting your site and half of them will see the “A” variable and the other half will see the “B” variable. The one that converts the best wins. You would then toss out the other variable and split test again to see what is best.

This is ultimately the quickest way to seeing what works and what doesn’t.

With over 700,000 apps to choose from, your app icon is basically an advertisement, which means it could make or break a sale.

The icon isn’t the only thing effecting initial sales either. What about your app name? What about price? What about your description? What about your app keywords? How do you know what variables are working?

Unfortunately, big app stores like Apple don’t really allow a good A/B test to be conducted so you must use other resources to test your marketing efforts.

Your own mini A/B split test can be run for very minimal costs or in some cases, for free.

In order to get started, you’ll need to:

  • Create a A/B landing page
  • Get traffic to your page
  • Analyze the results

Although these steps above can be used for each of the variables mentioned above, we’re going to go over the process for finding the right icon.

First Step: Landing Page

A landing page is basically the sales page that potential customers will land on when they “search” for your app. This is the page that will showcase everything about your app including the copywriting, description, pictures, and price. It also must feature a call-to-action button such as “buy now” so you can properly track the click-through rate.

Because your doing this on your own site rather than the app store itself, you need to replicate the experience as best you can to get a good idea of what would work in the app store as well.

Next you need to set up an A/B split test.

This means that you’ll create several different versions of the landing page for potential customers to land on. Each page will display a different icon but everything else stays the same. After you figure out the best icon, you can do the same for description and so forth. You don’t want to do it all at the same time or else you won’t know which variable was responsible for the conversions.

The A/B tests will split the traffic across the landing pages and then you’ll be able to see what percentage of users were converted to sales. If not an actual sale, it will at least show how many people clicked the “buy now” or “download” now button.

A good site for A/B split testing is Optimizely or KISSmetrics.

Second Step: Traffic

obviously, you’ll need a certain amount of traffic to properly run a split test. Typically, the best method for this is paid traffic.

Even a small budget of $50-100 should be fine for testing 2-4 different icons.

Third Step: Get Results

Now the fun part. In order to know which icon performed best, you’ll need to analyze the results. If your using something like KISSmetrics or Optimizely, it’s really easy to see the click-through rate of visitors. For best results, you’ll want to run the experiment for 4-7 days as traffic can vary throughout the week.Whichever icon converted the most people to clicking the call-to-action is the one you will go with. This could be the difference between making the top of the sales charts and fizzling out of the market.

What’s next?

You’ll want to do follow the same steps above to test other variables such as price point, description, and anything else you think could improve sales.

This is a very simple guide to A/B split testing for your app website and your app in general. This gives you a great guideline to start with, which you’ll obviously go into more detail with when you start.

Before you start an A/B test, know what it is your after. If it’s simply the most profit possible, then your going to go after call-to-action clicks or actual purchases to determine the best variable to go with.

As you can see, A/B testing is very powerful in helping determine the right things that make people buy your app. Start off with one of our free app websites and then utilize our features along with your marketing plans to create the perfect environment for an A/B test and ultimately, a successful app business.


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