before you publish an appThe time has finally come and your app looks like it’s finished. All those blood, sweat and tears have finally come to fruition and your ready to unleash your “baby” to the world.

But not so fast! Before you launch your app, there some important things to get right.

Here are a few of them:


Not the ones flattened by your windshield on the highway but the kind that will flatten your app if left unchecked.

Bugs can kill your app. Not because the bug itself actually takes the entire application down but because of the smaller bugs that cause customers frustration when using the app. This makes people to not love your app, and if they don’t love your app, they certainly won’t tell their friends or write you good reviews. This is the last thing you want before a launch.

Make sure your app doesn’t freeze and that coding is correct on all screens. Make sure the GPS function of the app is working correctly. Make sure your app can handle notification operations properly.

These are just a couple of the bugs to work out before launching. Don’t stop at this short list. Make sure everything is working smoothly.


Design is important in all products and especially apps where people are seeing and using them everyday. Make sure the design is very well done before launch date. If your developing for Android, then you’ll need to make sure your images are responsive so that they translate well across multiple screen resolutions.


If UI / UX is not properly implemented, it’s highly likely your project will fail. While sophisticated users may know that your small UI / UX issue is not a major problem, most users won’t. They will simply write your app off as being mediocre and move on to the next big thing. Make sure this part is perfect.


Also known as the End User License Agreement and Terms of Service. For those who don’t know, an EULA and ToS state what data and information the app collects.

This is another detail that is forgotten quite often in the app world. It’s boring, long, and rather tedious. But a license agreement and terms of service is a must for app stores. Apple uses a standard EULA which is quite good but it’s still limiting in many cases. If you create a poor EULA or ToS, it can lead to application harm or damage.


The backend of sites is often neglected and not even thought about from a consumer point of view. However, this is an extremely important part of the process. Customers these days want fast performance and quick downloads. A slow server can crush you. You don’t want customers thinking you have a slow app. If the backend services are slow, the app will be slow and customers will run off to find something quicker.

On top of these important tasks above, you’ll also want to make sure the app description is well laid-out and informative, the icon is intriguing and that your app website has some engaging copywriting to pull potential customers in.

It’s a good idea to create some sort of checklist of all the important things you want to have in place before launching an app. This way you don’t miss anything and can go on to have a successful launch and make some moola.


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