app developersAs you take charge into the app arena, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed at times, wondering who you’re going to battle with. Not only are there millions and millions of apps for people to choose from but as an entrepreneur, you’re probably wondering who it is that your going into competition with. Is it huge companies with a lot of money to spend on marketing? Is it teams of app developers who have knowledge and skill coming in from many different angles? Is it just one-man operations doing it in their spare time?

These are good questions to ask when your getting ready to start a new business. They are also difficult questions to answer precisely. After some research, we have actually found that most developers are in fact, moonlighters. This means that most app developers are skilled people with day jobs in software development who create apps in their off-time.

According to Fierce Developer, 41% of developers who make apps specifically for app-stores are moonlighters with day jobs in software development, 11% are students creating apps in their spare time, and 22% are hobbyists who don’t have day jobs in software development.

This means that, according to this particular study, only 26% of app developers derive their full-time income from applications. This would also mean that big publishers, companies, and even large teams would fall into this category.

So with this in mind and according to just this one study, only 26% of your competitors have big pockets to potentially throw behind their app development. The other 74% are people doing it in their spare time, who are talents but likely lack huge capital for marketing and so forth.

For most of us, this is good news because it means the playing field isn’t out of most peoples leagues. With a great app and some app marketing strategies, your app can rise to be the cream of the crop.

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