“What get’s measured gets managed” – Peter Drucker

Analytics is important with anything you do in business. You need to be able to know what is happening with your customers in order to test things and improve your marketing and other facets of the business. With apps, it’s no different. You want to know how long your customers are using your app for on average, how many active users you have each day, and the most popular screens for your app. With location analytics, you can can even see where your customers are when they are using your app.

app analyticsAnalytics will be a key component to the success of your app business. What would a business look like without analytics? We’ll, imagine having a successful campaign where thousands of people download your app on day one. Your excited about the money flowing in and obviously you’d like to repeat it. Only you don’t know anything about why or how it happened.

How will you repeat if you don’t have any information about what happened? You don’t know where your customers were coming from, how long they used your app for, or what keywords they were searching for. You don’t know anything. Similarly, if your marketing campaign fails, you want to know why so that you can change things and test it again.

This is why Analytics is important.

1. What are they using and what are they NOT using?
With app analytics, you can see what screens people are using with your app. When you know what screens customers are using the most, you can figure out the type of content they are gravitating towards. This allows you to figure out more effective ways for customers to reach that particular content, allows you to create more content that they like, and even lets you know a great place to put ads.
2. Effective Marketing Strategy
Your marketing team needs information in order to strategize an effecitve and efficient plan. Without knowing the type of content customers are responding to, your team will need to guess. This is NOT effective and will be time-consuming and costly. With analytics, you can find out important and key information and development marketing goals. You want to know what tactics are most successful and if you have a good return-on-investment. Without answering simple questions like this, your marketing campaign will likely fall flat.
3. Is it being used?
In this case, being used is a good thing. You want people using your app. Just because your app is downloaded doesn’t mean it’s being used. If it’s not being used, then your unable to build a relationship with the customer and your business will suffer. Most people only use around 25% of their apps on a regular basis, which means 75% are left in the “dust”. You want to be able to track this so you can find out if your app is providing enough value for people to return.
4. Which parts convert the best?
When it comes to making money, you want to know what parts of your app people use most and which parts lead to the highest conversions. This will help you create more of what people want and convert more sales or ad clicks.
5. What Mobile Device are people using?
This is also a very important feature of app analytics. You want to know what devices people are using to download your app so you have a better understanding for future development. If iPhone users are your biggest market, then you can find out why and then be able to better target that market as well as designing the app to be more iPhone-friendly.
As you can see, analytics play a key role in an app business. You want to gather as much data as you can and then use that data to create a better app, make more money, and ultimately, create a much better experience for your customers.
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