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I think it’s no secret that fast internet access and smartphones have changed the travel industry for good. does anyone still rely on paper maps anymore? Hell, there are apps that can translate languages, find and book restaurants, give travel advice on everything imaginable, book hotels and even find the best seat on an airplane. Considering the travel industry in general brings in around $6 Trillion every year, this might be one segment you want to develop an app for.

The most popular travel apps are based around navigation, with Google Maps coming out as #1. But Google Maps isn’t the only player in the game as other popular travel app segments include city guides, weather, restaurant finders, and currency apps provide a wealth of knowledge for travellers of all kinds. Another study you might be interested in is that travel-related apps rank among the highest for consumer loyalty. This is a good sign for those worried that people might simply download their app and then move on to the next big thing within a few weeks.

When it comes to advertising, travel-apps also have good promise for generating premiums thanks to location data. See, when it comes to travel-related apps, consumers are more willing to allow location-data on their phones, which locates where they are. By having this information, app businesses are able to charge much more for advertising placement.

As the travel-app market grows bigger and bigger, the only thing that really slows it down in any way is the difficult and expensive cost of international data roaming. Although data roaming is getting quite a bit cheaper these days, it’s still very expensive in most markets. However, unlocked phones provide the opportunity to buy an international SIM card, which would offer much cheaper data than a roaming international data plan. Also, WiFi is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world and can even be found throughout developing countries, allowing mobile travellers to have access to their mobile internet, with or without a roaming data plan.

As you can see, mobile apps are truly changing the travel industry and will continue to grow and adapt as the years fade away. Likely, we’ll start to see apps that completely change their advertising based on where the customer is, the weather and even flight times. Are you looking to get into the travel market and develop an app that helps people jet-set?

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