ApptousPilotBlogFor months now, the Apptous team have been working behind the scenes to solve several app-world problems that we’ve been banging our heads against for far too long, and we’ve at last got some exciting news to share with you!

As you can imagine, our team likes to talk about apps. We deal with apps, talk to developers, mobile marketers and app users pretty much all day every day.

Our kin are everywhere. And that’s precisely the problem.

The people we love to talk to, and the people other app enthusiasts want to talk to are all over the place, from forums and Sub-Reddits, to Facebook pages and Google+ groups.

If we want to find out about an app, talk to a developer, connect with other users, or just chat about apps, mobile, and the future of this rapidly evolving industry, we’re paralysed by choice. We have no idea where we’ll receive the best answer to our questions.

And these are the remedies we’re trying to solve with our latest offering to the app world. We want to create not just a space, but an entire eco-system around apps, where we can not only receive quality answers to our app-related questions, but also mingle and connect with other enthusiasts, gain exclusive access to early-releases, and have direct access to the developers themselves.

It’s about time there was a place in the app-world where we could reliably go to join quality discussions and have access to some awesome people, benefits and rewards in the process.

Sure, we could have thrown together our own forum. But we find them too clunky, too ’90s. They’re too… restricted in what they can offer, and how we can use them. So we’ve been working on an entirely different type of platform that we hope can provide the answers to some of the problems above, and we want to invite you to come and test it with us, and hopefully help to shape the app world- and earn some incentives in the process (including a $50 voucher!).

If you’re an app enthusiast who’d love to have somewhere they could go and know they’d find the knowledge, answers and connections that they’re looking for in the app world, then we’d love to have you sign up to become one of our pilot testers today. If you’re interested, please sign up here!

We hope to see you on the new platform!

Test The New Platform Here


ps. if you’re using the current Apptous platform, don’t worry, everything there will continue as usual and won’t be affected by our latest project!

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