After another round of edits and changes to the new Apptous discussions platform (thanks massively to the users who’ve helped us pinpoint what needs changing), we’ve just released the second round of changes to the platform. We won’t detail them all, but some of the more notable ones are:

Remove Uploaded Images

Sometimes when you upload an image, you may realize it’s the wrong one. We’ve resolved this by adding a ‘remove’ button underneath the image thumbnail so you can now delete an uploaded image (before posting) and replace it with another.

Full Sized Images

When you click to preview an image, the full size image now opens in a new tab, rather than being made smaller by Apptous. This is especially useful when you need to see the smaller details of a screenshot.

‘Waiting’ Icon Added

When an image was uploading, it looked as if Apptous may have crashed, as there was no progress bar etc. We’ve now added an animated waiting icon next to the ‘post’ button so you know Apptous is working on getting your new tile online!

Mobile Images Improved

Before this change, images in mobile we’re a direct link, which turned out to be frustrating for some of our users, so we’ve now changed this so images appear as a pop-up.

Timeline Bug Fixed

For some reason, two items were simultaneously active (i.e “Earliest” and “August”) due to conflicting data. We’ve now resolved this problem.

Mini-Profile Improvements

Now when you click on a user name within an expanded tile, this shows the user’s mini-profile. Previously, the user name here was unclickable.

Cleaned up Activity Panel

On the activity panel, there were ‘more’ links which didn’t do anything, so we’ve removed these to make that stream tidier and easier to scan.

Email Integration

We’ve now integrated our sign-ups with our CMS system to make communication much easier as our user base continues to grow.

‘Post’ Button

When you go comment on an tile, the screen should now scroll to also display the ‘post’ button’. Previously, this was hidden, so you had to scroll further to see it. This should make things a little easier to post 🙂

Banner on HomePage

A few users landed on, which is our other service, rather than, and couldn’t see how to get to the discussions platform. We’ve now added a banner over there with a link directly to the discussions platform.
You can check out these new changes over at   We look forward to seeing you over there!
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