Changes to Apptous

It’s already been over a week since we launched the pilot test of Apptous- our new Android discussions platform! If you haven’t already, you’re still welcome to join*.
So far we’ve learned an absolute ton about our users, features that work, feature’s that don’t, and features that’re missing and we’ve been working flat out releasing a set of changes based on your feedback (a few of these are listed below).
Now these changes have been made, we hope the experience of using Apptous will be more streamlined, and most of those frustrating ‘quirks’ which we had during that first week should now be gone.
We’d massively appreciate it if you guys could log in (or sign up if you haven’t already) and let us know what you think of the platform now, and what you think of the changes we’ve made.

What we’ve changed so far-

Some of the changes we’ve made (thanks to amazing feedback from our new users) are:

Improved Notifications

Several users mentioned that they were receiving too many notification emails from Apptous. Shame on us. Sorry, guys. We didn’t realise there would be that much activity, so we’ve changed around some of the settings so now you’ll only receive email notifications when someone contributes to a discussion you’re already a part of, or unless you explicitly follow a user or app wall.

Clearer Settings Menu

It wasn’t obvious enough that there was a settings menu (when you click your username), so we’ve added a visual icon over there to ensure that’s more obvious. This should help you change your email address, password and notification settings more easily.

Don’t Lose Your Text

A few of you guys noticed that when you click away from the expanded tile when there was still a comment waiting to be posted, you’d lose your work. This is now resolved. You can now close the expanded tile be clicking the small x in the top right corner of the tile itself.

More Personal Activity Panel

We’ve moved the ‘Me’ tab of the activity panel so this is the default tab. Previously ‘All’ was the default tab which led to you seeing too many notifications that weren’t relevant to you.

Attachments in Mobile

You can now attach an image/file/screenshot via the mobile site.

Comments icons (fixed)

For some reason, when someone commented on (or shared something from) an app wall, that activity would always display the icon instead of the relevant app’s icon. This has now been fixed.

Improved mini-profiles

When a tile is expanded, there’s a column to the right which shows other activity by that user. Before, this wasn’t clickable. Now it is! Plus the text there is now more descriptive. 

Disabled Auto-follow

We made a mistake thinking people would want to follow a wall after posting a tile on that wall. This lead to too many notifications which weren’t relevant enough to the user, so we’ve disabled this feature. You can still manually follow these walls though.


On Firefox there were some issues with text and images overlying the scroll-bar. This should now be resolved.

HTML Formatting

Many people weren’t aware that HTML is allowed in the comments of tiles. We’ve double checked and made a few adjustments to ensure this works properly, and so images don’t disrupt the UX of Apptous.

Sign Up Form

The Name field in the signup window was unlimited in length and slides down when entering a long string. This has now been rectified.

These are just a few of the changes we’ve made so far thanks to the discussions that’re going on over at Apptous. Plus, we’re working on a few other larger changes that we’re sure will make the whole experience of talking about apps on Apptous even better!

Thanks for all your help so far!
The Apptous Team

*If you haven’t joined yet, as the pilot test has already started, you unfortunately won’t be entitled to the $50 voucher at the end of the test)- we’re sure you’ll still have fun nonetheless!  If you have joined, you’re still in the running to receive that one of those vouchers!

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