The people have spoken! Within a few days of launching our pilot test, we were pretty stoked about the feedback we were receiving, but one thing was pretty obvious- the few apps we’d chosen to add to Apptous for this test phase simply didn’t tickle your fancy. So, as any self respecting developers would, we set about figuring out a solution we hope will work.

The New Search Bar

Alas, after a couple of weeks in development, we’ve now released the new search bar which you can see at the top of Apptous when you sign in. This doesn’t just search for Apps Walls that’re currently on Apptous. It searches the entire Google Play store. So, now, no matter what app you want to chat about, just search for it’s name, hit enter, and click on the correct app.

An App Wall will then be created automatically for that app, so you can leave a bug report, note or feature request right away.


We’ve tested the search function ourselves, but we’d love you to try it out, and let us know how we can improve on this.

The New Help Page

During the first week of the pilot, we decided to use you guys as guinea pigs (sorry about that!). We decided to include absolutely no ‘Help’ page on the site at all. Firstly, we needed to see exactly how people picked up Apptous intuitively. Secondly, we needed to use your feedback (and the analytics on certain pages) to create a help page that provides the information that’s needed.

And so, with a much needed drum-roll, we’re happy to announce that you can now see our all-new, fancy-pants help page by clicking the question mark icon at the top of the page. An overlay will appear showing you what you need to know about Apptous to get you well on your way to making the most out of the platform. Again, we’d love to hear what you think about this!



Thanks for sticking with us and reading our updates, and we hope to hear how we can make Apptous even better for you!

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