App Distribution ChannelsSo your app is finished, tried, tested, and true. It’s shiny and ready to deploy. The only thing now is, how do you distribute it? We’re gonna help out by giving you an idea of some channels you may use to distribute your your app the market.

Own it! Maximize search discovery and the channels you already own

Set up an app website here at Then utilize good ol’ fashioned SEO so that people can find your application through search engines. They will come to the site and then you can convert them to customers. You can create a special widget that allows you to paste on mobile websites or social media sites like Facebook that sends visitors to your application. I have seen some widgets that not only do this but also detect what mobile device visitors are using, which enables them to send them to the correct version of their app.

This is incredible because you’ve just made it super easy for someone to not only find your app but to download it as well. Most users don’t know their operating system or especially their version. Make it easy for the customer and you will make money. You can use these widgets/links on all your social media channels like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and so forth.


It’s always good to get your product in front of the media. Consider having it reviewed by the press. People still believe in the power of public relations and for good reason. They see it reviewed from a popular news source and it automatically carries credibility. This flows down through social media channels and SEO for time to come.

App Stores & Recommendation Sites

Probably the first think you think of for app distribution channels is app stores. Most likely, iTunes first came to mind. iTunes isn’t the only player anymore though. There is the Android Market, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace, Nokia’s Ovi Store, and many more. There are also independent app stores like GetJar, carrier app stores, tablet app stores, device app stores, and even Amazon.

Aside from this, try “recommendation sites”. These sites recommend apps, which then sends you customers. Some of these sites are called store and social network AppStoreHQ, appESP, Applolicious, Chomp, Chomp, AppBrain, Appboy, and MANY more.

Openfeint (For Games only)

This one in particular is just for gaming apps. Openfeint is a mobile social network for gamers. It actually lets gamers download a certain amount of games for free. Currently, it’s available for the iPhone and Android and can provide great exposure for your gaming app.

Mobile Web Version

This is a way to expand your market to people without smart phones. You would code in HTML5, add your web app to a site like GetJar, and create more market share. you would upload it in the same manner as when you installed the app and most users won’t even realize it’s a web application. This is a great way for using analytics to see what platforms you should aim for next.

Soon, we’re going to be showing you another 5 app distribution channels to market your app to the world. For now, check out and our amazing free app website builder.

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