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Behind the Scenes At Apptous

Our Philosophy

It’s no news that the app market is exploding in growth right now.

It’s hardly news that currently, mobile is used more than desktop or laptop for many tasks including search and social media.

And therefore, it’s hardly surprising that so many businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing departments are seriously exploring how the app world may serve their company, and how these new developments may be utilized to their benefit: whether that’s for increased customer reach, product diversification, improved profits, or heightened consumer experience.

But nobody has ever said expanding your company’s efforts into the app world would be easy.

Due to the huge amount of noise and competition out there, it’s no longer enough to simply launch your app on to one of the larger app stores. In fact, if yours is a mostly offline company, this approach is unlikely to work at all.

But, having been involved in the app world ever since its first inception, we also understand the problems you may face when it comes to marketing and promoting your company’s app once it’s ready to be launched to the world. We understand that:

  • You likely don’t have the time to manage your app’s placement and information on a large number of broad and focused app stores.
  • You may have an app ready for launch, but don’t quite understand how to market and promote this effectively to your target audience.
  • You may have already launched your app, but not received the response you were hoping for.
  • You have your own expertise to keep on top of, and the steep learning curve and time investment that’s needed to make your app a success may not be available to you right now.
  • You probably don’t have the cash to hire someone, or a team, to manage and promote your app in-house.
  • You may have hired a developer to create your app, but it still lacks some of the important features that lead to your app being
  • shared with various networks, and therefore reaching so many more people.

These (among others) are the problems we aim to tackle with Apptous.

With our complete, all in one, online platform, you’ll no longer need to hire someone in-house to market your app. From your one, single Apptous account, just a few of the things you’ll be able to do include;

Add, manage and edit your app’s information on various app stores with just a few clicks of a mouse, directly from your account (no more logging in and out of different stores!).
Collect your users’ data to convert (within and outside of your app) those users into hard leads (for sending out newsletters, discount coupons etc)
Launch your own dedicated website for your app (app website) that gives your app an independent web presence for improved search engine rankings.
Use our built in methods and code to encourage your users to share your app with their network, thereby increasing your apps reach and likely prifitability.

Of course, there’s much more on offer (read about all our features here), but effectively, through Apptous, we aim to make marketing, managing and promoting your app a task that can be managed far more effectively, easily and simply than ever before, giving you more time to spend on other aspects of your business, and hopefully making your journey into the app world far more likely to reap the rewards you were hoping for from the very beginning.

After all, mobile is the future.

Let’s help you make the most of it.

To find out more about the features that you’ll receive even with our free membership, take a look here.


Why Did We Create Apptous?

The Journey from Amazing App to Successful Business.

Born into a world of change and innovation, creativity and adaptation, the team at Apptous have witnessed (and been a part of) the ‘app-economy’ and its evolution ever since its first emergence.

Back in the day, when the marketplace easily accepted and heartily rewarded apps that gave something back to people’s lives, made people laugh, or made people smile, which made peoples day-to-day living easier and more fun, things were simpler.

App-developers could be app-developers, and they’d have the confidence that if they produced something great, they would be suitably rewarded.

Fast forward to today, and things aren’t so easy. Imagine walking blindfolded into a supermarket which stocks over 1,000,000 quality products, trying to find the one item you’re looking for.

Welcome to today’s app-economy.

As this market-place grew into what it is now, the technology and logistics which are necessary to support such a large-scale ‘movement’ remained under-developed. Amazingly developed and designed apps remain undiscovered, and app-developers are finding it increasingly difficult to make themselves heard above all the noise.

The glaring gap in this new economy was something we decided to help out with. We wanted to provide something that bridges the growing gulf between the skills and expertise needed to take an app from idea to reality, and the time, resources and knowledge needed to turn that app into a success- into a flourishing business.

In essence, we recognized that there was not only a great need for help in getting your apps appearing on the right distribution networks, but also for your apps to stand out and sell themselves when they’re actually there.

So, we’ve put together an end-to-end platform where you can manage multiple apps, releases, their online presence, and important aspects of their promotion and marketing, and keep on top of how your apps are displayed on multiple distribution channels all from your single Apptous account.

But we haven’t just settled at that. The app-economy is still a growing, evolving and changing eco-system, and we will continue to grow, evolve and change with it, ensuring that if you decide to use our platform, you’ll always be at the very forefront of app management, promotion and distribution, and always receiving the best advice and tips on how to help your apps succeed.


Meet The Team

Fred: This handsome chap is Fred, our hero developer and our mascot. He’s been a star developer since the moment he was born, loves romantic-comedies, being the center of attention for our brand, and has a strong aversion to decaf coffee. Here is my Facebook page in case you want to like it:)

Dudu: As the leader of Apptous, Dudu oversees everything related to the platform, and occasionally cracks his whip in the direction of the Apptous team to ensure our users are always receiving the best features and experience possible. Dudu’s email: dudu@appto.us.

Rob: Having been in marketing for some time, it’s Robs task to make sure we provide all of our users with a fantastic experience no matter how they’re involved in what we’re up to. Rob’s email: rob@appto.us.

Doron: As our resident UX (user experience) and creative designer, Doron is responsible for all of the visuals related to Apptous, including all the behind the scenes stuff you see once you log in.

Boris: Head of research and development, Boris has to relentlessly keep up with mobile app news to make sure we’re always working on and improving features that are needed in this fast changing environment.

Max: Working alongside Fred, Max is a key developer on the Apptous team, ensuring that the Apptous platform is as amazing as possible.

Lena: is our fantastic User Interface and Web Developer, working to make the Apptous platform look swish, clean and easy-to-use.

Udi: Aiding the team with legal and corporate counsel.

We’re All Over The Place

Our team is distributed across the globe in Israel, Ukraine and the UK